Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Soldiers Angels Quilts

Well, our second Soldiers' Angels Workshop went very well. What a productive day our ladies had making quilts for our servicemen deployed overseas. Overall, we have 50 quilts completely done, 13 in progress, and more still to come from people working independently. While we're approaching our goal of 100 quilts, we still have a way to go. It's not too late to put together a quick quilt for the program. Please call Pat at the shop for help, advice or encouragement.

The Area Coordinator for Soldiers' Angels, Leslie Trubiano, stopped by and was amazed at the number of quilts we had finished and in the works. She even sat down and helped to put several together. All of the ladies signed a special Christmas Card to go to the troops as well.

Special thanks go everyone who helped out on Sunday:
  • Liz Feitelberg
  • Kathy Landers
  • Etta Forti
  • Karen LeBlanc
  • Janet Cochrane
  • Joanne Bellofatto and
  • Peggy Lee

Thanks for all of your hard work, and all the wonderful homemade desserts and munchies everyone brought in. Good job, everyone!